About Megalania.es - Real Estate Banks

Who are we?

AsesoraT is a company focused on providing professinal services in the area of real state,legal and management in general.


Stand out for having a large team of professional owners of a long and proven experience, which offer face-to-face services and on-line so you save time and money in your queries.

What we do

Real estate

We know that the search of a property represents a complicated process, that is why we are born in order to provide our customers with all the necessary information so you can make the best decision and find a House to suit.

From our real estate department we manage the provision of intermediary services in the purchase - sale, promotion and leasing of real estate. We are specialized in foreclosed properties from banks, enabling us to offer the best opportunities relating to price, financing and payment facilities currently exist in the market.

Through our website, megalania.es, may by a map-based user-friendly interface, access to the property that best suits your expectations. Following his election, our staff will contact you as soon as possible to expedite and facilitate all procedures.

We are experts managing:

  • Lots
  • Individual Properties
  • Luxury Properties
  • Homes for rent
  • Reforms
  • External Collaborators

We are registered under no. 2990 API


From our multidisciplinary office we will offer you advice on all those areas of law.

In Civil Law matters:

  • Legal aid in proceedings relating to the ability of people
  • Issues of civil liability
  • Consequences of family relations, such as affiliation, divorce, alimony, guard and custody.
  • Issues of inheritance law

In matters relating to criminal law:

  • Assistance with respect to the conflicts that arise in dealing with the Administration.
  • Liability when you claim a detriment caused by the operation of public services.
  • Expropriation of their property or in process of urban area.

In terms of labour law and Social Security:

  • All discrepancies product of relations worker employer will be resolved,either individually or with respect to collective conflicts or of trade union rights.
  • Advice in relation to benefits or pensions to request or receive from public system,such as unemployment, disability, retirement, among others.

Financial Agency / Management Consultancy

Our team of managers performs all procedures for your convenience.

Among many other functions, we prepare and manage documentation for:

  • Commercial Register and Property
  • Societies/Accounting
  • Technical advice
  • Registration of real property
  • Preparation of mandatory statements
  • Liquidation of succession or inheritance tax
  • Economic and finantial consultations
  • Issuance and analysis of financial statements, etc.

And much more documentation. MEET US.

Advantages of working with us

  1. Professionalism, speciality and experience.
  2. We provide a service according to each of our customers to meet their needs the best way
  3. Large amount of real estate from banks
  4. Extensive negotiation capacity ensuring competitive prices
  5. Saving time, allowing more efficient purchasing decision
  6. Correct procedure for the acquisition of the property, making an offer to each bank

For more information please contact us through our contact form.

San Hermenegildo 31, bajo, 28015 Madrid

Phone: (+34) 610 261 492