How does work?

How does work?

The process for the purchase or lease of a property on consists of four steps:

Step 1.- Consult our properties according to user needs

Our real estate portal offers a wide range of properties classified by area, price and basic features that suit you best. By consulting our properties you will have extensive information about them: their location, height, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, photos and price.

To facilitate any type of procedure all of our properties are correctly classified by a reference number, which will serve for further information and / or a visit and any possible subsequent search.

In case you want to resolve any questions or further information on the selected property, please contact our Call Center (610 261 492) or by email

Also, we have a Request for Information form, which we will be glad to answer as soon as possible.


Step 2.- Request a visit of your selected property.

To properly certify that your selected property meets your expectations is recommended to visit it. This must be within the selected property file (the reference number for you previously selected will help you locate the property by the seeker) where you can find the application form and arrange a visit. After filling in the form and, once registered your request, our team will contact you to arrange the visit.


Step 3. - Propose an offer to purchase / rent the property.

After having visited the property and verified that it meets the expected requirements, please complete the form properly "make offer" which is located in the technical specifications of each of the properties.

In case you want to opt to rent the property, you must attach the following information:

  1. Photocopy of D.N.I. or Alien Registration Number.
  2. Photocopy of the last three payslips.
  3. Contract work.

For self-employed:

  1. Photocopy of D.N.I. or Alien Registration Number.
  2. Photocopy of CIF
  3. Declaration of income tax.
  4. Last annual IVA return.

Once received and studied the information you have provided, we will contact you shortly to let you know if your offer has been accepted.


Step 4. - Purchase / lease of the property.


Having accepted your offer, we will contact you to inform you of the next steps to facilitate the process.


Megalania will contact you on the phone or e-mail address you have provided to formalize a Reserve Rental contract within a maximum of 10 calendar days from the notification of the acceptance of your offer to arrange the office where you would sign the contract.

In this contract the following clauses are included:

  • Retention in the customer's account the amount of a month rent, for the period of 30 days.
  • After that period, if it is not signed the rental agreement for reasons imputable to the customer, will be charged to your account the amount in compensation.
  • In the event that after the deadline the rental agreement had not signed for reasons not attributable to the client, we will proceed to lien or continue with it if the customer requests it. If the person asks to conduct a high supplies, taking on their own efforts, the lease could be signed within a short time. If Megalania is theresponsible to enlist the supplies, the contract will be signed after the period of time necessary for that high. Upon signing the contract, paid by direct debit account with the Bank, the following quantities and concepts:
  • The amount of a rent, such as management fees.
  • The amount of a rent, as a deposit.
  • The amount of the corresponding month's rent or a proportionate share of such income to the day of the month in which the signature is done.
  • Official stamps in charge of the tenant in respect of the Property Transfer Tax (ITP).

In charge of the quantities shown and the signature of the contract, it shall deliver one set of keys.

If you have any questions please send it to us through our contact form and we will be delighted to answer.